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artsandsci 11 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite

I think I remember reading the Reddit post, but I guess this is the first I've read that the post's claims were debunked. The end of the article suggests a borderline unfalsifiable claim (that she "designed" it, and that all apps are cobbled together of other people's code, and played down whether or not the amount she wrote matters).

Are there other write-ups chronicling the claims back and forth?

EDIT: Original post (with updates at the top) appears to be here: https://namc.in/2018-02-05-plagiarist

> After the Daily Beast article, saying that we took down the post because the information was false, we decided to put it back up, because the information is not false, and we would like to stand our ground.


Is there a browser extension that blocks anything which contains variations of the phrase 'XX year old wunderkind' in a headline?

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