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Ask HN: Is there anything like HN for creatives?
21 points by piercena 11 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 8 comments
Wondering if there are places with updates about things like photoshop and cameras or video/cinematography things and a place for people to show off what they are working on (and they are serious about their craft rather than just instagram)

not very active

I visit a few forums that are extremely slow. I recommend it. There's a stronger local culture to these places, since you can get to know individual posters, whether by username or style. There's more room for slow, drawn-out conversations that can take place over days or weeks, which you can drop into and out of without losing the thread, and you have a chance to engage in one-on-one conversation with individuals without having to resort to DMs or a chat system.

Everyone on that designer web forum smells their own farts. It's not local culture it's seclusion.

ArtStation, CGSociety, and various art subreddits.

/r/computergraphics, /r/animation, /r/photography, etc.

Recently I've opened /r/DigitalArt. It's a small community now, but you're welcome to join =)

I'm not sure but I'm always impressed to see the activity in my preferred art - music - on HN. I think part of the appeal to HN is the engineer/logic mentality applied to most of the discussions.

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