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gasull 8 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite

On the other hand, being an outspoken activist doesn't (and shouldn't) grant immunity from the law.

And when someone shouts "I'm here illegally", naturally they are going to be caught.

This is a technical point I haven't seen anything about so I'd be glad if someone can inform me. Does the constitution of USA grant the first ammendment rights to everybody even if they are not citizens? If yes, then are the protections equal to those afforded to citizens?

>DHS is increasingly targeting activists who publicly oppose or resist the Trump administration’s anti-immigrant agenda.

>These incidents are part of a broader trend by the Trump administration to target anyone that doesn’t agree with its policies.

Oh please. DHS is not morons. They are boys with toys. They want to play cop, arrest people and do the other "fun" parts of policing. They know what the administration will let them get away with. Nobody in the administration needs to tell them to crack down. They know they can so they do.

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