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Even what doesn’t happen is epic (lrb.co.uk)
39 points by indescions_2018 8 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 8 comments

I enjoyed the three-body trilogy, but stuff like this

> his science fiction, which situates itself at the diamond end of the ‘hard’ to ‘soft’ scale (‘hard sci-fi’ has a lot of science in it, ‘soft sci-fi’ doesn’t), demonstrates a knowledge of particle physics, molecular biology, cutting-edge computer science and much more besides

and this

> The best bits in his books are set pieces that would be hallucinatory, or surreal, were it not that everything is described with such scientific authority.

is just ridiculous. There is nothing in Cixin's books indicating knowledge of those subjects. All he does is spray sciency buzzwords on fantasies which are not only surreal, but also quite obviously impossible.

Three Body Problem is the most boring, badly written and overhyped book that looks like it come from somewhere min-70s where any kind of pulp fiction would work.

I rarely stop reading books once I started, but halfway through The Three Body Problem I gave up. I realised that although all the word were in English, the order in which they were arranged on page was not making any sense to me.

I also found it underwhelming. There was enough to keep me reading through the first book, but I definitely did not feel compelled to pick up the second/third.

I loved the trilogy, but have to agree. It’s a really interesting sci-fi premise layered with fantasy and some hard science. Mostly though, it’s fantasy which doesn’t live by its own rules (the whole premise is undermined by sophons). It’s a really entertaining and thought provoking trilogy, but scientifically accurate it is not.

Wth is this? It looks like a review, plus massive inconsiderate spoiler of almost everything, minus the actual review.

First post I flagged on HN, as it brings negative value.

Can anyone who has read the Three-Body trilogy in Chinese say whether it is worth reading in the original? I could do it but with a lot of extra effort...

Probably when you finish the the first book, second won't need that much effort already?

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