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I was a big fan of Meebo, personally. Since it was a web app, you could sign in once on any computer and all of your chat clients were there.

...Guess who bought it and killed it? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Meebo

For a while, imo was meebo's successor, but they saw the writing on the wall for third party interoperability after Skype cut them off for the nth time and decided to focus on their own walled garden chat and Twitter service instead :(

the answer is... Google

> In June 2012, Google acquired Meebo to merge the company's staff with the Google+ developers team.

Yes, it was really good. It pretty much Just Worked(tm), had a good UI for a web app, and was relatively lightweight (I remember using it even at crappy airport computers).

It used libpurple to connect to the chat networks -- same as Pidgin :)

Yeah I really liked Meebo too

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