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These are called 'codelabels'. They're great for prefix-tagging commit messages, pull requests, and todo lists:

BLD: build

BUG: bug

CLN: cleanup

DOC: documentation

ENH: enhancement

ETC: config

PRF: performance

REF: refactor

RLS: release

SEC: security

TST: test

UBY: usability

DAT: data

SCH: schema

REQ: requirement

REQ: request

ANN: announcement

STORY: user story

EPIC: grouping of user stories

There's a table of these codelabels here: https://wrdrd.github.io/docs/consulting/software-development...

Someday TODO FIXME XXX I'll get around to:

- [ ] DOC: create a separate site/organization for codelabels

- [ ] ENH: a tool for creating/renaming GitHub labels with unique foreground and background colors

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