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When will the technology be ready for economical mass production of meat (pigs/chicken/cows)? How to artificially speed up gestation and growth?

We already have lab grown meat, and a lot of the reasons it isn't feasible at scale right now have more to do with subsidies on meat production and sale that don't currently apply to lab grown than on any practical limitation.

And its not that lab meat is cheaper in a vacuum right now, more that huge meat subsidies (either direct, guarantees and insurances from the state, and allowing meat producers to externalize a huge portion of their water / pollution costs) hamper investment into lab meat that would exist in a purely free market. Traditional meat is just artificially cheap.

Yes, but the lab meat you're talking about is not made like ju-st thinks it is. Current (expensive) lab-meat is made by directly growing tissue, without growing a full animal.

In contrast parent ju-st talks about artificially fertilising livestock, perhaps with accelerated growth.

In terms of ethics, the second procedures seems at least not worse than factory farming. The animals in the second one would need to live less long in order to produce the same amount of meat, and also you'd stop having some unwanted animals like male chicks.

However I really hope that lab-grown tissue becomes the standard for meat production.

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