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Fliq.ai – Movie Intelligence Open Beta (fliq.ai)
48 points by fliqai 11 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 19 comments

As a shamless plug, I'm working on something in the same domain (still very much in an alpha/MVP state), although with a focus on annotating important movie elements and getting fans to re-engage with a movie or TV show after watching: https://www.spoiled.tv/

I think AI can be awesome insofar as Hollywood 2.0 is concerned (to use a YC term). I'm working on figuring out what scenes two actors are in (using facial recognition), splitting a movie by scenes based on frequency of cuts, and an app that lets you see spoilers as you watch a movie on your TV!

Either way, awesome job! Fliq seems like a very interesting value prop, especially for industry professionals. Out of curiosity, how do you seed your data? I've had some trouble figuring out what the best way would be to do that. I'm using a hacky way of grabbing it from themoviedb.org, but it's not a particularly tenable solution.

Also, I notice you built it using Angular. Any particular reasons you guys didn't opt for React? It seems like a more straightforward way to build a dashboard-style app like Fliq has.

(Apologies for the barrage of questions, I'm very excited about this space.)

That looks like a cool project! I love the way it enables fans to deep dive into content they already love to get even more enjoyment out of it, but I would also be curious if some folks use it as basically Cliffs Notes for stuff they're interested in but maybe don't have time to fully invest it?

We've started working on some advanced language parsing out of subtitle dialogue, somewhat similar to what you're doing we're trying to make a link back to actors interacting (in our case via character names). I'd be curious to hear how you've developed your scene ontology for categorization/splitting purposes.

Agreed about potential for AI to inform better content decisions, or at the very least decent analytics would push things forward quite a bit. As far as your questions:

1. Data collection and mastering is like 80% of the work as you probably know, themoviedb.org is great and we use it too. Myapifilms.com, allmovie.com are solid sources. We also heavily leverage Wikipedia, google and waybackmachine.org.

2. Angular - personal comfort level + compatibility with the rest of our stack (certain charting libraries and themes we use). We're looking closely at React now and there's a good chance that the next generation of FLIQ moves in this direction.

At least let me see the value proposition directly (not in a screenshot) for one movie/minute before forcing me to sign up.

Is signing up even truly integral to the app in some way, be it functionally or for monetization purposes? Either way, a registration wall during beta for a highly visual product doesn't seem like a great idea.

I know the counter-argument to this is probably that this limits the number of beta users and makes it less overwhelming to manage early on, but I side with the school of thought that favors exposure above all else, especially during early stages.

Thanks for the input, it's something we've considered - the login is not meant to be obstructive. It's functional and helps us on the application development side because we can then build with the expectation of a logged in user and make accommodation for natural customizations like saving reports, custom defined movie lists, etc. Plus it is free, and we don't and will never abuse your info.

We do try to communicate the value prop in the blogs, the video and (yes) the screenshots. At least enough to get people to clear the relatively small hurdle of a SSO. If it's a matter of doing that more effectively I'd love to hear your thoughts there =)

So, looks great, but who is it for? For movie execs? I don't see myself needing much more than the movie review and a critics ... the rest is way over my head. Anyone care to explain to me?

You don't make your casual viewing decisions based on the difference in box office performance during the second and third weeks of the movie's theatrical run?!

Actually lol-ed at this reply.

In a better world perhaps this would be true...

That's a good question, and it's true if you're a casual movie watcher beyond the critics and audience scores I don't think you do need much more tbh. And we do make those available, and aggregate and weight all the inputs across many sites so we give you a really good score there. There may be an Expert vs Casual mode in the future where we hide some of the crazier stats.

That said, some of the feedback we've gotten so far from more casual users also likes the future movies and buzz score, it's an easy way to see what's coming up this year and how excited people are about it.


With a solid decision making tool, movie execs could finally have a financial reason to accept original scripts that are not yet another sequel and reboot.

You joke! (maybe?) But eventually this is sort of the hope, right?

Sequels are like a trap perfectly designed for movie execs, there is a sort of guaranteed baseline of success - but you're also guaranteed diminishing returns. Currently, they are squeezing a struggling market and sacrificing long-term viability for short-term revenue boosts that mask the structural problems. It's sort of still churning out $10B/year as a market, but that's hiding a lot of weakness and our suspicion is that things will change drastically in the next 5 years.

Hopefully, if we're all thinking about this stuff a little smarter, things change for the better.




Sorry. Sometimes. No. Good Options. We'll try harder.

Got "error sending" from the feedback form. None of my notes persisted when I went back. Didn't copy them first. Oof --

Man, I am so sorry about this. We're troubleshooting but have gotten other submissions and there doesn't appear to be anything systemically wrong, looks like a spot glitch.

I feel terrible especially since you took the time to put together the feedback, and truly we would love to hear it. If you don't mind, please feel free to reach out to us via twitter DM/email with any thoughts you'd still be willing to share.

Where’s the data coming from? I only know of one place to get box office data and it’s not open and they don’t sell it.

First reply is correct, there are a number of sources out there for this data. ListenFirstMedia, Variety and Opus Data are some other good vendor. We work with a couple.

I know of a couple of places that have box office data (for different regions) and they do indeed sell it.

ComScore/Rentrak is the first place that comes to mind that has almost complete box office info, but there are others.

Looks like a play to get Netflix’$ attention

Anyones attention tbh, but yeah Netflix would be great =)

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