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This looks pretty sweet so far. I love having multiple panes, multiple tabs, and good shortcuts. When you click on a row it also appears in a vertical orientation in the sidebar on the right, that's a nice touch.

Today, I use mysql in the terminal most of the time. The main reason I've been using the terminal instead of SequelPro is my terminal has the scrollback available from my previous queries. This is great for comparing results, printing out a few table schemas to help write a query, and acting as kind of a log of my thought process. Terminal has a lot of other disadvantages, but I've accumulated a lot of tricks to mitigate them.

A nice implementation of tabs and panes could chip-away at that advantage, definitely, so this app is exciting. One limitation in the current implementation is it looks like table views need to take up the whole tab. It would be nice to have a table view in one pane, and a query editor in the next.

The app has a nice query history sidebar. In addition to the query, it has the timestamp; my terminal doesn't have that. Could this concept be expanded to include query results? My first instinct was also to try dragging and dropping one of the queries from my history into the desired pane. That didn't work, but its behavior of adding it to the pane where the cursor was last works well.

All in all, I think this will definitely find a regular place in my tool set; thank you for making something cool!

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