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Like the top comment I have passed on many bootcamp graduates, and many of my colleagues have too. I can only think of one bootcamp graduate that was ever hired at any org I worked at.

When we look at an application/resume from a bootcamp grad, it tends to only contain: "this is what I was doing before", "this is the bootcamp I went to and the projects we did there" (sometimes, these are cleverly formatted to appear as projects done after the bootcamp. We can generally see right through this, and it feels a little dishonest, but it is fine.)

What would make a bootcamp grad resume infinitely more attractive is if they demonstrated their enthusiasm by doing more projects. What it comes down to for me is: this person wants to have a job that many people go to a 4 year program for. Additionally, lots of those people who went to the 4 year programs had an inherent interest in the subject even before starting schooling. Bootcamp grads are heavily outclassed in general by these candidates, and an org is taking a risk (burden) by hiring a bootcamp grad.

So, it goes a long way for a bootcamp grad to 1) demonstrate that they're going to come in fighting and have a raw enthusiasm, 2) possibly tie in their previous employment (biotech? stats? very relevant.) These two things are going to be their strongest assets coming into the job. Not whatever they learned at bootcamp.

Ah ok, that makes sense, thanks for the info. I can see how only having a bootcamp and an unrelated background gives just a single data point to work with, which even then isn't very illuminating.

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