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DataGrip has one of the worst UI's (if not the worst) I've ever used.

If you create a new database (not using Datagrip), it won't show up in until you go manually enable it to be shown. I ran into so many issues wondering why my created databases didn't show up. (while spamming the refresh button in the toolbar). And ended up spending extra time to verify that they were there

Eventually figured out the setting is hidden in the context menu for a connection. Right click -> Database Tools (click). Get a new popup -> Manage Shown Schemas.

And the kicker is that it's not intuitively named AND hidden under a separate UI element. After not using DataGrip for a while, I end up spending a bunch of time digging through context menus trying to find it again.

While I have had my far share of head-scratchers trying to find the proper setting for x, I would certainly disagree that DataGrip has one of the worst UIs. I have used it daily for the past two years with a variety of databases (MySQL, Postgres, and Redshift for the most part), and honestly it seems like the best tool out there right now.

What tool is your preference?

Is that the reason you consider it one of the worst UI's you've ever used? To be fair, the UI does tell you that it's showing e.g. "5 of 6" databases next to the connection name. If you click on that text, you get the same Manage Shown Schemas dialog.

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