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Wow, pretty nice so far. Sequel Pro has been my main workhorse, but the fact that it's MySQL only has often left me looking for other tools.

It would be great to see better support for relationships and triggers and such like Sequel pro, but I like what it has so far in the structure view. I think the idea of the colored connection status bar, but it would be good to see some sort of logic for coloring the text on top to match or at least contrast sufficiently (something like how iTunes did it[0] would be awesome).

Lastly, better import/export would be nice. You can export and specify a few options but it would be good to see a little more full featured (see also Sequel Pro).

The price point seems reasonable too. Honestly, it feels a little awkward that Theming (even using alternating row colors) is a paid feature, but it probably will generate sales as I am inclined to use it immediately just to get rid of the popups.

[0] https://panic.com/blog/itunes-11-and-colors/

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