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I would like to stay in the terminal even when working on a DB. But I never found a decent terminal based DB client with a GUI (TUI?). So I am writing my own at the moment. A terminal based database editor. It's a bit like vim for databases.

If you too are interested in such a thing, let me know.

DBCLI[0] offers some decent solutions (although definitely not "vim for databases"), have you played around with them? I have used and liked pgcli and mycli, but haven't used them extensively by any means.

I'd be interested to hear more about what you are working on.

[0] http://www.dbcli.com/

I think this is a misunderstanding. I am not building a client where you type in commands. I am building a client where you can browse tables like spreadsheets.

Maybe 'PhpMyAdmin for the terminal' is a better description then 'Vim for databases'?

Sorry! My comment before edit excluded the note about DBCLI being a different type of product (: "Vim for databases" is very clear.

Awesome. I'll send you an email.

A tool will never be a silver bullet. Somebody has a dozen of connections in staging, production, testing and many places. They have history and some strict mode prevents the human mistake (warning, prompt for the password before executing queries). That why we need GUI tool.

Have you seen VisiData[0]? It supports Postgres and sqlite at the moment (read-only). Do you want more than simple editing of fields and deleting of rows?

[0] http://visidata.org

Interesting. I will try it out. It seems somewhat heavy though with 191 files. Probably because it supports way more then what I need.

I have already implemented most of the functionality I need in a single file with just 395 lines of code.

It has no dependencies other than Python3. Most of those files are documentation, tests, etc. But, everyone has their own taste when it comes to proper sizing for their tools.


Edit: just HTH; market research/validation, feature requests, min-MVP etc.

Please see my reply to cdubzzz. I'm not building a CLI but rather a 'PhpMyAdmin for the terminal'.

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