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I like what TablePlus is offering. My question is the price. $69 isn't horrible, but it is still a lot. Is this one time $69 with a long path of free upgrades or is this $69 once a year like other software I use (VMWare Fusion, Office, etc).

$69 is chump change - Navicat is like $1,000. I worry that it's not enough for the app to be maintained for a long time after purchase.

I'd pay $69/year without even thinking about it, maybe they should jump on the subscription train!

The pricing page shows $49 at the moment. https://tableplus.io/pricing

Thanks! I see it. It was $69 earlier today.

it is "You only pay once and keep using the app forever, but you can only upgrade the app for the first year after you purchased."

Compared to Navicat Premium this is basically free... Navicat Premium for similar amounts of Database Systems currently costs 1299$ even Navicat Essentials costs 199$ And to top it off you can even use TablePlus for free if you accept some Limits!

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