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Love it! Please don't bother with people who don't care about proper native experience. I've been waiting for a tool like that for sooooo long and I'm really happy to see it. I love when developers use the platform to its full extent instead fighting with it (like Electron and all rest of cross-platform approaches)

And for those whining about "macOS-only" - take a look at Tower, a Git client that was initially macOS-only as well. They later released a dedicated, native Windows version, just like the developer of TablePlus wants to do, and it's awesome. True native experience will always win in my heart with cross-platform solutions and that's where I'm putting my money.

Actually, a Windows release is already in the works. It was supposed to be released in January but they ran into some delays. https://github.com/TablePlus/TablePlus/issues/9

You can find out about their tech stack in their FAQ: https://tableplus.io/faq

I'm happy with what I already have on Windows. I've never seen a better client than SQL Server Management Studio or SQL Server Data Tools and this tool doesn't look like it even comes close.

Honestly, I've never seen a native macOS app that I thought was any good though. That's why I typically just use them to compile my stuff for iOS. If I have to use some program on a Mac, I hope it's got a somewhat familiar interface and that's why I prefer Electron apps like VSCode on macOS.

Honestly, I've never seen a native macOS app that I thought was any good though

Of course you are entitled to your opinion, but I do find it ludicrous, and I'm sure many other people will too.

Proper, well-implemented macOS apps are great – ones that properly use all of the system services and toolkits make it really, really nice to work with them.

Pfffft. Mac fanatics are in the vast minority.

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