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Been using it for a month now and I love the modern sleek interface. It's very similar to Postico (which is Postgres only unfortunately). One killer feature for me is that you can assign colors to connections. When you open a window this color is prominently displayed at the top, very useful for distinguishing production and dev. ⌘+P command prompt is also supported, like in Sublime Text. Some nice touches is that you can assign custom icons to connections and that empty space is filled with cute drawings. One thing I miss is that if you don't specify a DB in the connection info, the main window doesn't list all the available DBs, you have to ⌘+K to get the selection panel.

Postico is great but it does seem to hang/crash with big operations quite often. From my quick tests it does not seem like TablePlus has similar issues which is fantastic.

I'm just trying it out now and it seems juuust nicer than Postico, yeah (which you can also assign colours to, I should say), but that ⌘+P thing just blew me away.

You have pointed out all the killer features. Btw the hotkeys won me.

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