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Why has it become such a popular meme to hate on Wave? It's only been a year and the technology is still very immature, there are few plugins and nobody has really found a really killer app for it yet.

I actually use it though. I brew beer, and I use it to store and share my beer brewing recipes. It has the property of being both a document that I can edit and a record of when I brewed the beer. There are no plugins supporting this yet, but I want to write some that do calculations within the wave. There are currently better apps for beer recipes (Beersmith, BeerAlchemy, etc) but I can imagine free Wave plugins taking over that space.

So what is it -- why do people think Wave is irrelevant? Do they have no imagination for how Wave could start to dominate collaboration with a few cheap-to-develop apps? Was Wave excessively hyped before it developed the features needed to support the needs of the masses?

...oh, that's lame. Hmm. Is there a startup opportunity here?

I feel like this is an instance where Google took on a project which was too big for them. But the idea is so good that with a little bit more push, I would expect to see better adoption. Hmm...

I wasn't hating on Wave, I am a huge fan of XMPP and the technologies. Its the media that blows everything out of proportion and I guess google can be blamed for some of that with big release presentations.

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