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From the source_layout.txt in /docs:

          ARM-specific code.
          Portable drivers and driver infrastructure.
There's more documentation in this folder than most projects have :)

From the IO Spreadsheet Standard document (in /docs):

"This document describes the format of the I/O Spreadsheet for iOS Products. (...) The I/O spreadsheet shall be sheet in an Excel workbook."

Numbers? Nope, Excel.

I've tried to use Numbers for technical stuff and found it too unreliable. A big surprise was when I filtered the spreadsheet by column values so only a subset of rows were visible, then selected a range of rows in that subset and deleted them. When I disabled the filtering I found that it also deleted rows in that range that were hidden.

With the pushes Microsoft has made in the past few years at making office significantly better on Mac, I'm not surprised.

I like /docs: Optimism..

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