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You know, Facebook is not so far off from Google Wave -- not as much as a lot of techies would like to believe for their comfort.

Indeed, Facebook could provide a collaboration model for the future. I don't think the collaboration platform will be Facebook itself (not their focus) but perhaps a startup will come along, look at how people communicate on Facebook, and apply that to business. Wait - there are guys doing that now (I love how framing something by typing it out fleshes out your thought process!) I saw a good presentation on HN on Enterprise 2.0 recently, I'll try and find the link.

EDIT: Jive are one example, not the link I had in mind though:


We are trying to do this right now at Smartupz. Please check this out - http://blog.smartupz.com/2010/08/summary-of-key-elements-of-...

Jive SBS is great software, and as your say brings the Facebook collaborative model to business, but it is also absurdly overpriced unfortunately.

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