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Android is not good enough? Really?

My coworker has an HTC Legend, and it seems better than the iPhone in every way; including design.

Have you heard about HTC Evo?

The talk was given last year (2009), ergo pre Nexus-One and all the other modern Android hardware, and also before a lot of the software improvements Android has received recently.

There's a big difference between Android now and Android a year ago.

Good point, I didn't notice the bit about this video being from last year. My bad.

I also wasn't aware that the Legend was only released this year, I thought it was an older model.

I think it's amazing how many leaps the Android has jumped in this one year.

Have you heard about HTC Evo

I finally decided to buy a smart phone and made the mistake of asking a stranger what kind of phone he had and how he liked it. It was an Evo and I literally had to cut him off after 5 minutes of complaining because I had to go. Anecdotal, I know, but I wouldn't go anywhere near an Evo after that.

I have a N1 dev phone and an iPhone 4. The iPhone 4 kicks serious ass until you think like a programmer, then android looks better thought out.

But even with 2.2, apple's ui kicks butt on android.

I also had a g1devphone (gave it to my brother), and every iphone that has been released.

Use it as your primary phone. At a cursory glance, it seems fine, but you find all the quirks when it's what you deal with day to day. If AT&T wasn't such a miserable experience, I'd have switched back to an iPhone already.

I indeed intend to do that.

I use iPhone as my day to day phone right now, and I can't say I'm too happy with it. My main complaint is how closed it is.

I'd think most hackery types of people would be annoyed for not being able to drag and drop music/videos, and for not being able to install* stuff and customize the device.

* You can't install stuff unless Apple approves.

Jail-breaking doesn't count; it defeats the point and gives a shitty experience.

I've been using Milestone for several months now and it's working great.

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