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Google Wave is going to be important. (Whoops)

It's going to be important in the way Lisp and Smalltalk are important. Many of the key ideas will find their way into other things which will be less pure, still powerful, and a lot more popular.

I think that's one of the exciting things Fridge has done: Provide one of the killer apps of Google Wave — things like planning a trip with friends and sharing the photos afterwards — but with e-mail integration, not in a walled garden and without all the extra cruft Wave added (threading, branching and histories).

Is the fancy Wave stuff cool for hackers? Maybe. Is it good in a product? No. I'd go far as to say Wave is to Fridge as Linux is to OS X -- Wave might be important, but not in actually using it :)

I was thinking the exact same thing. It could very well be a good idea that is ahead of it's time. We are still wedded tightly to traditional email, but something like Wave could very well take over in the next say, decade or so.

You know, Facebook is not so far off from Google Wave -- not as much as a lot of techies would like to believe for their comfort.

Indeed, Facebook could provide a collaboration model for the future. I don't think the collaboration platform will be Facebook itself (not their focus) but perhaps a startup will come along, look at how people communicate on Facebook, and apply that to business. Wait - there are guys doing that now (I love how framing something by typing it out fleshes out your thought process!) I saw a good presentation on HN on Enterprise 2.0 recently, I'll try and find the link.

EDIT: Jive are one example, not the link I had in mind though:


We are trying to do this right now at Smartupz. Please check this out - http://blog.smartupz.com/2010/08/summary-of-key-elements-of-...

Jive SBS is great software, and as your say brings the Facebook collaborative model to business, but it is also absurdly overpriced unfortunately.

Google Docs already has the most important feature from Google Wave (allow multiple people to edit the same document simultaneously). Wave's mission statement was a bit grandiose -- it should never have been about replacing email completely, the killer app is real time collaborative editing.

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