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Seconded. Video is such an inefficient way to transmit information. Shouldn't there be some service that does this for us? ;)

Sounds like a great opportunity for somebody looking for something to build. Keep abreast of the latest talks being distributed as videos, sell the summary (bullet-point text version, one-page text version, 1/5/10 minute audio summaries). $3.99 a month, all you can watch.

Perhaps there would be IP problems though...

You know all those business-books-digested which they sell in airplanes to extremely busy executives and professionals who don't have enough time to get through Malcom Gladwell's latest but want to sound like they did at the board meeting? Take a look at the pricing for them, then adjust $3.99 a month by shifting the decimal point to the right a time or two.

One of my periodic crusades: getting HN to understand that there are people in the world who are not poor college students living on ramen noodles.

Of course you're right - I wasn't thinking when I wrote down a price. I was really just thinking that it was something you could do as a subscription.

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