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> Conceptually the MacOS Resource Fork is basically a directory where all of your filenames have to be exactly 4 characters long. The only difference is that each "file" might be a stack of "files". So you might have a CODE resource that has multiple CODE segments in it.

Sort of. It would be more accurate to say that each filename was a 4-letter type code and a 16-bit ID. Each resource could also have a name, but that was less frequently used (and didn't have to be present, let alone unique).

More importantly, resource forks didn't exist in isolation. They were loaded into a chain of active resource files -- for instance, while working with a Hypercard stack, the resource chain would include the active stack, the Home stack, the Hypercard application, and the System suitcase. A stack could use resources (like icons or sounds) from any of those sources.

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