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Curious, How are Fortune 100s using iot?

Our company does Device integration stuff but most of the big guys are using older automation systems (typically a bms)

We have not seen any significant adoption of iot so far. Maybe our market is just different.

Here's a quick bread-first overview some of our recent projects:

* Industrial IoT - If I had to guess, most of the projects are 95% analytics, 5% command and control (i.e., configure machines and/or centrally control them) - PLCs make this suck, but as that moves to SBCs we're seeing that improve. Energy management, too. Get a lot of questions about Industry 4.0, too.

* Transportation - Mostly telematics (GPS, listening off the CAN Bus for events, etc.)

* Healthcare - RTLS, some basic analytics. C&C is unlikely due to security and use cases.

* Retail - Restock tracking, footfall traffic, etc. Ordering by voice. ("Alexa, I'd like to order 5 cases of carrots")

* Consumer IoT - Voice, energy management (Europe has some great use cases here), some analytics. C&C is big in this this space. "Alexa, set my Jenn-Air oven to 350 degrees for 25 minutes" was a recent project.

* Insurance - The 5 five all have innovation groups very intent on IoT, but I haven't see a really great use case yet.

* Smart City - Energy management, parking. We weren't involved too much, but our city's snowmelt system is another example: https://runengine.com/vroom/58-smart-city-snowmelt-monitor (The guy with the beard is one of my SAs)


One last thought: I've noticed is that IoT really screws with the traditional "Enterprise Architecture" patterns. Startups are going to kill it once they figure that out, because traditional enterprise architects are lost in that space.

Thanks for the insights. What kind of traditional "Enterprise Architecture" patterns do you mean?

I imagine the "Enterprise service bus" architecture is probably a good fit, but maybe I'm missing something.

Hi! I'm intrigued by your statement about SBCs. Do you have a link to learn more about them?

I've seen someone have intimate contact with Beckhoff PLCs and the upgrade story isn't great, plus using git with it tends to be painful, and writing modular code seems so too. It would be great to learn about an alternative that's more hackable.


The last thought intrigues me, but I'm not sure what you mean by "Enterprise Architecture" specifically.

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