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As you say, I am certainly working in the wrong domain for this and such an solution would never be acceptable. You certainly don't want edits to things like insurance claims, medical records, or financial transaction made in a way that edits somewhat randomly disappear and hope that people will notice and fix it.

This might work to some extend for a toy example like a simple task management application but I would bet even then users would quickly get annoyed about losing their edits. And you also can not really claim that your are not losing edits because you keep them in a list of conflicts because for all practical purposes they are gone unless you build a solution to explicitly deal with them which renders trying to use CRDTs mood.

I think unless your operations map cleanly to CRDTs and you get the expected and correct behavior all the time, trying to use CRDTs will just cause additional pains and not provide any benefits. Trying to force general data structures with general, non-commuting operations and CRDTs together just seems ill-fated to me.

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