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A little more about what you're seeing:

Images of Europa from the Galileo spacecraft reveal a complicated terrain of grooved linear ridges and crustal plates which seem to have broken apart and rafted into new positions. That could indicate subsurface water or slush. In the image above, blue tints represent relatively old ice surfaces while reddish regions may contain material from more recent internal geological activity.

The quote above is specifically referring to an image on the page from which I took the quote:


But I believe the stills which comprise the video fit the same overall description.

The mission page is https://solarsystem.nasa.gov/missions/galileo/in-depth/

And I think the images can be found at https://pds-imaging.jpl.nasa.gov/volumes/galileo.html

It's interesting that nobody doubts that these images are real.

It's quite off topic for hacker news but I really encourage people to research nasa and the so called space exploration program.

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