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Show HN: Math Art Snapchat AR Lens (snapchat.com)
32 points by mendeza 10 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 15 comments

Creator here! Some of the mathematical surfaces you see are Enneper, Klein, and Trifold Surfaces. Models developed in Blender and Lens Studio.

Please share and let me know what you all think!

Thanks a lot for sharing. I personally don't use Snapchat but I would love to see what this is about.

Can you post some screenshots or a video?

New to snapchat, how does one see the QR code, I've opened snapchat and put my camera near code but doesn't do anything.

You need to tap and hold on the screen over the code.

Another snapchat idiot; I've installed it. How do I use it?

edit: nevermind, figured it out, same procedure. I hate Snapchat.

Or tap the shutter button to take a pic. Both ways work.

Did you get it to work?

That's really cool. I'm not so versed in Snapchat or the direction the app is moving .. but it seems that they're looking to establish themselves in mixed / augmented reality. Is that true?

I believe so, Lens Studio and Facebook AR Studio now enable a way to share and distribute AR content on a very large scale (100+million users). Developers had made plenty of AR apps and submitted to the app store, but the process has been very laborious and its hard to get people to download and view. Now you can create content and easily distribute, so its very exciting

So how does the whole lens studio thing work? I just read on the sc site that you have to scan a code, but I just clicked the link and it loaded it right in app.

To my knowledge, you create your 2D/3D content, and you use lens studio to arrange your studio and add small scripts for users interacting with the content. To me its like a small version of unity. The big use for Lens Studio is to publish your lens, which you can distribute to a large audience.

Nice! Needs more figures. Minimal surfaces, Sierpinski's gasket, Klein bottle or a Möbius strip tease.

Sorry. not getting the concept of the Math Art filter. Is it suppose to do something other than turn around? Genuinely want to know.

All you can do is tap to change the different surfaces, and the models stick in the real world so you can walk around to change your perspective. You can reposition the surface by dragging, pinch-zoom to change scale, and two fingers to rotate.

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