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Relevant, cheetahs running filmed with an high speed camera: Cheetahs on the Edge—Director’s Cut https://vimeo.com/53914149

I have watched this video dozens of times. It is like an hour of meditative breathing exercises condensed into 5 minutes.

Thanks for this clip, it's amazing how it keeps the head still. BTW, the kingfisher has similar ability, check this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NIs4tpV2FUQ

Optical image stabilization! I am interested to see that this seems to be the way various predators have solved the problem, I take it that unlike the direction our camera technology is going (which is to throw more software at the problem), it was most economical to use a lot of tiny neck muscle adjustments (no Moore's law for predator brains, to be fair, so it might have tied up a lot of neurons to do the same in software).

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