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What "kind" of employee are you referring to? The "kind" that feels they are not fairly compensated for their skills?

Asking someone to wait several months is asking them to place their faith in the fairness of the company and to trust that they will be rewarded for their trust and faith at the "normal" time. An employee's ability to trust in the company is going to be highly dependent on the company's past behavior, make sure your employee's have reasons to trust in you before you ask them to. A company needs to earn this faith, it'd be foolish to expect it blindly.

Also, the employee knows that she will not have the same negotiating advantage when the alternate offer expires. If anything, the whole episode will be a disadvantage by then.

I was referring to the kind that constantly keeps trying to get offers from elsewhere and uses that that to keep renegotiating their pay/ position. Of course you need a trustworthy environment and taking such a stand for everyone might actually build that.

I don't think this is what zeteo was referring to at all.

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