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I once ate 10 mg LSD by accident. It was a dilution error. The peak lasted ~10 hr. At some point, I saw the top of my head. But hey, maybe it was just an hallucination ;)

That reminds me of this thread where user chinacat describes taking a thumbprint. He calls it a "beyond death experience". Very interesting stuff and I recommend reading his posts.


Also, reading about a few NDEs, they sound quite similar to a DMT trip, and they seem to have similar effects in terms of how a person completely changes afterwards. The range of possible conscious experiences is really something extraordinary and most humans only ever experience a miniscule fraction of it.

The username "chinacat" is quite possibly a reference to the Grateful Dead song "China Cat Sunflower"

(Which is probably irrelevant, but some may find it interesting)

As long as we're talking LSD-related music, one of my favorites is Tool's "Rosetta Stoned".

I'm mostly a blues/rock guy, but for LSD-related stuff, I'd probably go with Shpongle. Star Shpongled Banner is probably my favorite song by them

Oh yeah, Shpongle! Simon Posford and Raja Ram. Dancing to them in Amsterdam was my first exposure to trance. Also Younger Brother. And damn, Bassnectar! Plus An-ten-nae, PANTyRAiD and other trance and acid crunk.

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