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It looks like you have to be a master in politics to minimize the politics in your company.

Keep your guard up at all times. Any attempt at being nice may be interpreted as permission for god knows what. It read a bit like "The Prince" by Machiavelli.

vgr presented this as "Information Parenthood" in his newsletter:

In other words, the "interpreting reality" part of leadership is rather like parenthood. Call it "information parenthood." You have to sustain a happy bubble for others. At the same time, as a leader, your own parent is reality itself, and it isn't a very nurturing one. Drunk and abusive Father Reality, not nurturing Mother Nature. Constantly facing the doubts and uncertainties of unfiltered realities, while protecting others, can be brutal. When things get hard, you will want to scream, "Why am I the only adult around here?"


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