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Could you elaborate slightly? I only got as far as discovering it doesn't import h264 files, I'm wondering what issues I'd have if I got beyond that.

I know on some (probably most) platforms you have to symlink some libs to make it run. Are you maybe just talking about that?

I've symlinked everything and I got it to start (at least the welcome dialog).

After that, it just crashes with an assertion. It seems that has to do with missing or wrong configs, but there's not much else to be found on google. My configs are present and look fine.

Also, only rpm based distributions are officially supported, but a lot of people hack around that to get it working on Ubuntu (like me).

Thanks! I also installed it on Ubuntu and got at least far enough to attempt to import footage so I guess I dodged whatever bullet you ran into. Doesn't sound encouraging, all the same.

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