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Camtasia is much more than a screen recorder.

Look at a couple of Youtube videos on Camtasia 9. It is a full fledged editor (and also does audio / video recording too). That's the winning property of it.

You just click a button to start recording, deliver your video content, press stop and then you can immediately start editing your content. Then you export and you're done.

With something like premiere you would have to record your audio and / or video with a different tool and spend a lot of time importing. I also found premier's UI to be crazy complex (in a very non-intuitive way). I haven't tried movie maker.

Camtasia's editing effects are just enough to make really nice screencast style videos without being overwhelming. I've gotten hundreds of positive reviews on my tech courses that were related to the production quality of the videos.

For example, the video on this course page[0] was made fully with Camtasia 9. All of the animations and even the slides / tooltips.

That whale animation and text dropping effect took around 5 minutes to make from scratch once I figured out what I wanted to do. All I had to do was pick some things from a few drop down boxes and drag 2 or 3 sliders around.

[0]: https://diveintodocker.com/

> Camtasia is much more than a screen recorder.

Sure, but fundamentally, Camtasia is a screen recorder. It's purpose is to make screencasts. If you were editing video filmed with a camera, you would find Kdenlive, Premiere etc. more useful than Camtasia.

It depends on the extent of the film recording.

Camtasia works really nicely for doing floating head videos and it has options for dealing with green screens and video touch ups.

That also means it works fine for doing product review videos or vlogging. Basically video coming in from a single source.

It's not comparable to something like after effects but if you just wanted to record something with a video camera then Camtasia will work no problem for both the recording and the editing of that video.

All of its animations, transitions, zoom, panning and pop up tooltips can be applied to that film recording just like you could with a screencast recording.

You can even combine both that film recording with your screen recording as different tracks. It really is a versatile product for all things related to creating videos.

I'm not affiliated with Camtasia either, and I would switch to an OS solution immediately if something existed that was comparable but the only tool that I know of that is remotely close is Screenflow and it's MacOS only + paid, so it's basically just a direct competitor to Camtasia (Camtasia runs on MacOS too, and its project files are compatible with both Windows and MacOS).

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