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I used it recently to edit large video files around around 1h 1080p; Shotcut is rather slow and freezes often when editing big files. But nonetheless its a great project and I hope it will improve in the future.

As long as it doesn't crash constantly. Openshot, Pitivi, Cinelerra and many of the others I've tried are totally unusable because they crash. All the time. Constantly. (Granted I haven't tried any of these in over a year, so hopefully they've gotten better).

The only tool in Linux that's really decent at editing video isn't even a video editing tool. It's Blender.

For the past few years I've just used Resolve in Windows. I'd be excited to try Shortcut and see if it handled better.

Video editing is a though medium though, even if you're just calling ffmpeg a lot. It's worth watching the Vimeo talk and video encoding and how a lot of cameras and cellphone encoders are so crappy they can change framerates on every frame.

I don't know if Shotcut supports it, but in almost all cases it makes sense to edit with smaller proxies rather than massive full-size video files. Obviously this gets truer if your footage is 4k or more, but it's still true of 1080p.

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