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Show HN: Gymphy – Create Free Shareable Workout Plans (gymphy.com)
81 points by matthewhartmans 10 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 26 comments

Great work! You've come up with a fanatic streamlined UI for both entering excercises and doing workouts.

You know you've hit on something great when everyone's reaction is to ask for more features. Here's my wishlist:

* Custom excercise names (so that your autocomplete doesn't have to be comprehensive)

* A timer during the exercises that are timed (I find it annoying while I'm in the gym to constantly set alarms for every exercise in every set and I can't always easily see a clock)

* Ability to add descriptions ("Remember to keep your back straight", settings on machines)

If this is open source, I'd be happy to contribute.


Some great ideas! Going to add the ability to add custom exercises, this shouldn’t be too hard.

I’m currently building the timer, it should have been done by now, but proved a little tricky :(

Descriptions on each exercise! That’s a great idea! Like notes or tips.

Love it, thanks again!

* Quick Update * I have added a Timer. You can check out the following workout as a quick example: https://gymphy.co/r14-jNiBG

Would love to hear your thoughts / feedback :)

Great idea and great general model as a recipe or planning tool. The possibilities seem endless - adding structure (popular sequences of groups of exercises, complements or foci, etc.), adding voting, comments or open signup to plans, adding consequent metrics, expectations or cautions. Time reasoning and sequencing are hard for people. Workable representations can be challenging too. This excites the imagination in other application eras. Great stuff.

Thank you!

The possibilities are endless, need to take small steps and build one step at a time ;)

I was not saying it was lacking those features. Feature plans are aces up sleeves for new releases. Multi-release planning turns out to be a great way to "time box" the current release.

My apologies, I misunderstood. I have now added the ability to edit exercises and breaks within the create screen.

In the process of adding a button on the 'View Workout' screen to copy and edit the workout.

Ok, it's added now :)

You should be able to edit workouts, exercises and breaks.

Love the concept. No login, super simple to use and well defined use case. There are a bunch of obvious features you could add like a timer or the ability to edit a workout, but I appreciate that you decided to get people using it first. I need this kind of discipline. Congrats and good luck!

Thank you so much for your kind words! Timer and edit workout features are coming soon. Browse workouts page and user logins are in the near future. :)

The design is lovely. Simple and elegant at the same time.

I second this. My favorite part is the icons. They're great in both form and color scheme.

This is really handy, my workout partner and I currently just share a Google Sheet.

Cool concept. UI is nice, and the explanatory video makes it pretty clear how to use the app without any frills.

What tech stack did you use to make this?

Thank you!

I used React, Redux and Firebase :)

You should share this on /r/fitness on reddit.

On it, thanks!

Really wish this one is open sourced

Would love it!

OP please open-source it!

no swimming? instant fail.

Please don't be a jerk in HN threads, and especially not in response to someone's work.


I can add swimming exercises, no problem :)

There's a pretty well-developed community around sharing swim training workouts already out there in a way that I haven't found an analogue to for weight training etc.

You usually swim in the gym?

Some gyms do have pools. I don't swim when I go to the gym, but some people must. I imagine pools at a gym would be better for trying to get in a workout than a public pool.

I just thought of this a few days back ! Shopify for personal trainer and workout programs .

You can evolve the product to have a chat messenger, video chat, billing,etc.

You should apply to YC with this.

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