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Making drinks from lab grade ethanol seems to be an popular past-time activity for almost any vaguely natural science Ph.D. student I ever known. Usually it also involves fractional destilation of lab grade denatured ethanol (often "specially denatured ethanol" which is somewhat simpler to "dedenaturate") into potable ethanol. It is somewhat notable that physics people tend to end up with simple physical processes for that (pour ethanol on baking tray and bake in baking oven for X amount of time, light it on fire, if flame is not visible you have potable ethanol) while people coming from chemical sciences tend to build incredible complex contraptions from lab glassware (I've seen such contraption which converted normal denatured alcohol into gin or jaegemester-like liquor depending on its software configuration as a continuous process, it was built by obviously bored pharmaceutics Ph.D. students, filled two lab benches and involved two Sun Ultra 5s for computer control)

Reagent-grade 95% ethanol isn't denatured. Because then it wouldn't be reagent-grade. What we had in biochem labs had tax-exempt labels.

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