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Perl 5 or 6?

It's clear that he's using Perl 5. XS and CPAN are concepts exclusive to Perl 5.

I don't think that is entirely true.

> Uploading a module to CPAN is the preferred way of distributing Perl 6 modules. [0]

Though XS was replaced with NativeCall in Perl6, so he is still using Perl, not it's new brother.

[0] https://docs.perl6.org/language/modules#Upload_your_Module_t...

I haven't read the parent to this comment. But:

> XS [is] exclusive to Perl 5.

Perl 5 modules, including XS ones, are `use`able with P6 (`use Module::Using::XS:from<Perl5>; # P6 code...`).

> CPAN [is] exclusive to Perl 5.

CPAN has been an optional store for Perl 6 modules since 2016 iirc. In the last couple months it's become more or less the preferred store.

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