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Show HN: Etherbots.io – Collectible fighting robots on the blockchain (etherbots.io)
18 points by whatrippingfun 10 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 12 comments

You're asking 95 USD (and going up) for a DLC to a game that is not even released yet?

The FAQ[0] says:

>Where is the code? Is it open source?

>Yes. All our code is viewable

All I'm seeing at https://github.com/EtherBots is a Solidity contract.

>The price increases after each robot sold, and a further 20% upon launch of the full game. Only 3900 crates will ever be sold.

So this is a collectible game where only 3900 people get the initial supply? What if I wanna play it later, will I have to find someone willing to sell it to me?

[0]: https://etherbots.io/faq


That certainly looks to me like the "random" reward is just based on the previous block's hash.

More issues:

- Rarities of each part is not encoded in the contract (It just depends on how the application logic decides to decode the uint). They could swap Shadow parts with Gold and the contract doesn't do anything to prevent that

> // If 23 (or a multiple of it) is generated, a lamborghini will be awarded

Since this is a comment, if 23 is generated, a unit will be generated, which they _promise_ will be a lamborghini. Pinky promise.

There is also nothing stopping them from bumping the drop-rates for the final game. They promise 2%, but since this contract is void post the pre-sale, it will have to be a new one and it could have a 80% lamborghini drop rate!

It's worse than that. They could just throw away all the sales from this contract, since it's not connected to anything.

They also failed to verify source code for the contract: https://etherscan.io/address/0x3c7767011C443EfeF2187cf1F2a4c..., and the source code on GitHub is missing a file ("Ownable.sol"), making it difficult for anyone else to verify what source code is actually running.

I suppose the lack of verified source code doesn't matter, given my first point. People who are buying are placing a lot of trust in the "Fuel Bros Innovation Team."

I felt like gambling today so I wasted a lot of money in this project and in ethercraft.

I doubt they will pay off. If anything IF they're going to succeed the buy-in has to drastically be lowered. But what the heck. As I said. Felt like gambling away my money today.

If you guys really care about non-scheme projects, look into lockchain. They're a booking website with a blockchain technology implementation. Yes I do have an interest in the project. Less than I gambled away today though. It's worth a look. I pormise.

Hey all, inspired by cryptokitties we set out to make a more complex game, but one that also had a great focus on the UI and making it fun.

I'm happy to answer any questions about web development, ethereum development or any thing else!

If I buy it can I resell it soon for more money :^)?

Trick question don’t answer it!

I think they answered it by putting "cough lamborghini cough" above the second instance of the "Buy Robots" button.

At least, well enough for the SEC to take an interest.

I'm be curious, but it seems broken in mobile. The Brave Android browser isn't recognized.

Hmm, so everyone's going to think "hmm, everyone's going to think, 'hmm, Ethereum went up when cryptokitties came out, perhaps this means I should buy some Ethereum now,' so perhaps I should buy some Ethereum now," so perhaps I should buy some Ethereum now.

My wager is people are fixated on coming up with an addictive killer app that at least guarantees ethereum will stick around a bit for the app alone, regardless of ethereum or the value of ether.

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