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Nicolas Cage DeepFake (prostheticknowledge.tumblr.com)
99 points by mariuz on Jan 27, 2018 | hide | past | web | favorite | 82 comments

Combine this with that other group that machine learned to generate fake celebrities.

Soon we'll be able to make 100% convincing movies without any real celebrities whatsoever. Imagine a world of no celebrities. No TMZ. No gossip columns. No infotainmant on the news. No faux outrage scandals.

sniff its beautiful isn't it.

>Imagine a world of no celebrities. No TMZ. No gossip columns. No infotainmant on the news. No faux outrage scandals.

You'd still have all of those things, because those are all part of the business that drives entertainment. The entire scandal complex would just be automated and generated by AI along with the rest of consumer culture, but it won't go away. Why would it, when there's so much money to be made?

There will be probably be more of it, not less, because once you have perfectly convincing virtual celebrities, you can include perfectly convincing virtual dead celebrities as well, and fictional characters within their respective fictional worlds.

That reminds me of a definition I gave once of one of those tv series full of mysteries and supernatural events that should all be explained by some underlying reality that, alas, never existed even in the minds of the authors.

"Like a gossip magazine about non-existent people"

It seems that people would actually buy and read them avidly.

>It seems that people would actually buy and read them avidly.

They would. It's basically making an industry out of what already happens in fandom.

Weekly World News?

Most likely, celebrities will hire nobodies to be body doubles for them, to do the hard work of actually making movies / tv shows, and then the AIs will fill in their faces later.

It would be interesting movies and TV shows would be viewer customisable. I would love to see an ai that can read a novel and create a movie out of it.

So like fantasy football for celebrity gossip?

> Soon we'll be able to make 100% convincing movies without any real celebrities whatsoever.

Being able to mimic particular people is quite different to being able to:

- make the AI act in a compelling way in a new movie (e.g. getting the emotion and delivery right for a particular scene)

- create a compelling actor from scratch.

My point was that we already have bullet point 2.


Bullet point 1 probably isn't too far off.

No we don't! Not even close.

That article is about creating fake faces. That's all.

Being able to create a virtual actor that can somehow generate a compelling performance from a script, or which can even be programmed to create a compelling performance, is orders of magnitude more difficult, and far beyond anything we can currently do.

Movies without celebrities have been made for quite some time already.

The person I was replying to was clearly taking about the case of replacing them with AI-created actors.

Sorry, I replied at the wrong point in the thread. I should have replied to him.

Hatsune Miku

I agree and think a real driving force for this will be internationalization. Shoot the movie and then swap the actors for Chinese audiences, etc.

We would just worship the fakes instead.

This reminds me of the culture around Hatsune Miku.

Stop talking about my wife

IIRC the movie The Congress (2013) is about this (before it transitions into a full on acid trip)

looking forward to a demo of this tech where all actors, male and female, are replaced with a single select actor.

the technology can only get better, the question is will disclaimers become part of every video or just the assumption of what you see is always fake?

Bonus points if it's John Malkovich

S1mOne (sp?) is a movie about that. But there will always be TMZ and gossip, they don't rely on celebrities to exist they rely on juicy stories involving anyone.

This is a major plot element of the 2013 film "The Congress". I highly recommend it.

I think this is from the same group.

I get the feeling that a Cinema release before not too long will offer the options to see it with whichever leading stars you fancy, and get re released 5 years later with updates...

I look forward to seeing the new installment of Star Wars with Marilyn Monroe, Nicolas Cage, and Dante from Devil May Cry....

Excellent presumably Marilyn would be Liea and you would have to a scene with her robes being blown up by a air vent. Cage presumably is Han in this version though I suspect Bogart would have made a good Han Solo

This is happening with porn already. What I'm scared of is that people can choose people they know in real life.

Which aspect of it scares you? If the video is leaked there are issues of course, but also, what will technology like this do to humanity overall concerns me more.

AIUI, people generally will not have the required tens (hundreds?) of thousands of images of said person.

That's less and less necessary, imho. I imagine pretty soon a person's Facebook page will be enough data.

In that world, no need to wait 5 years for updates. Will be continuously on-demand and up-to-date.

possible technologically wise, but over exposure is a real aspect of artist management, often bands are contracted not to release music, to enable pent up demand to be released at the timing choice of the publisher.

How long until advertisers get in on this? For example: imagine that Facebook shows me a video of my friends and I having the time of our lives at a casino: winning the jackpot, eating great food, relaxing by the pool, etc. It’s entirely convincing but I, try and I might, I can’t remember when the trip took place. That’s because the video was actuslly an ad for that casino generated from our profile data

Or perhaps companies will start offering services that let you fake trips for social media. For just $25, they create videos of you having the trip of a lifetime anywhere in the world (basically a modern version of Mr. and Mrs. Everywhere from Stand on Zanzibar)

On the other hand, the technique would allow people to post photos and videos of themselves in exotic places, et cetera. Facebook's newsfeed would become so fake, that nobody would believe it anymore.

I think the approach will grow old really quickly, and it will turn people into (perhaps more healthy) skeptics.

> I think the approach will grow old really quickly, and it will turn people into (perhaps more healthy) skeptics.

This frustrates me so. Why does everyone think technology will always magically change human nature for the better?

People are not skeptics now, and they won't become skeptics once this tech comes out.

Just like a large percentage of people believe whatever is put in their Facebook feed, they will believe things that confirm their world view.

It's like saying "man once the internet becomes widespread there will no longer be things like climate change denial because anyone will have access to accurate information at their fingertips and can look up the data and reports." And yet, look where we are in the US.

Technology will never solve problems of human nature.

Via analogy, let's say you saw it as a problem that people like kinky sex and want it stopped. People have always liked kinky sex always will like it. There is no tech you can invent shy of physical or chemical lobotomy that will change that. But for some reason when we look at other qualities we forget that lesson.

> Facebook's newsfeed would become so fake, that nobody would believe it anymore.

That didn't happen with text, which is usually trivially easy to fact-check.

People believe any old bollocks so long as it aligns with their value systems.

You know their eventual goal is to redo The Lord of the Rings with an all-Cage cast, right?

I would buy up all the tickets to that and give them away for free. That would be something everyone should see and nobody should have to pay for.

I hear this was the director's original intent, but he didn't have the budget.

Here[1] is the post history of the person who makes them on Reddit.

1. https://www.reddit.com/user/derpfakes/posts/

Note that this is a different user from the one who wrote the original code, who in turn is a different user from the one who adapted it into a desktop GUI app.

What is going on in this post? A couple Nick Cages and then 2 scenes of Star Wars where on has a slightly different looking Leila?

Why does the text not simply explain what is going on?

DeepFake is a technology primarily used for face-swapping stars of adult video with well-known celebrities.

It's been gaining popularity on Reddit recently, and someone had the idea to "replace all actors in every film with Nicholas Cage"

Seen here is a prototype.

From reddit, regarding the Star Wars stuff:

> Top is original footage from Rogue One with a strange CGI Carrie Fisher. Movie budget: $200m

> Bottom is a 20 minute fake that could have been done in essentially the same way with a visually similar actress. My budget: $0 and some Fleetwood Mac tunes.

The Carrie Fisher example is quite amazing. It somehow manages to remove all the plasticity of the original.

I don't understand that example. Either face recognition is off in my brain, or both top and bottom look like Carrie Fisher. Am I missing something?

None of them are Carrie Fisher. Top one is CGI and is from the movie, bottom one is another actress + deepfake. It's supposed to show that the deepfake one is just as good as the Hollywood one.

> bottom one is another actress + deepfake

You sure? Didn't they just run the deepfake algorithm (trained on photos of young Carrie) on the CGI scene? So it went from "Hollywood CGI actress" to "allegedly improved deepfake actress"...

Bottom one is CGI + deepfake, as far as I understand. I don't see how it could be otherwise.

They basically just ran the algorithm on the existing movie scene.

The result is a fairly plausible Carrie Fisher, made more plausible (to my eyes) with deepfake. Obviously it helps that someone already made the original fake Carrie Fisher, because deepfake had to do less work, but it highlights the fact that deepfake could be useful in the industry: Make a plausible CGI version, and then improve it with deepfake.

So you're saying that is from one of the "new new" star wars movies, after Carrie Fisher's death? [I live under a rock, sorry.]

It's from Rogue One, which is set just before the original and thus needed a double for young Carrie Fisher.

Ok but are you saying either one is nick cage?

Neither, it was a different experiment with the same tech.

How'd he get another video without cgi

To me, neither looks like Carrie Fisher. The bottom one's mouth looks oddly fake, though.

You can tell that from a tiny compressed gif?

It’s only a matter of time until digital video comes with a cryptographic signature combination of the device manufacturer and the author.

The leakers will just claim that they had to remove watermarks to avoid being traced, thus invalidating the signature.

Or if it isn't important who the author is, they can record a projection of a fake video with a verified camera, giving the fake the appearance of legitimacy.

All true, but it should at least move us toward a world where people will assume all media is fake unless it’s been signed by an author.

I’m now eagerly waiting the “malkovich malkovich” scene from “Being John Malkovich”, but with everyone replaced with Nick Cage.


What if instead of Nick Cage and actresses on existing porn, the users put their own faces/bodies on the porn actor's face and body? Would that be weird and creepy or would it be more immersive for the user? Maybe it could even be good enough to create artificial memories, especially if adobe voice conversion technology was combined with it. Then you'd see and hear yourself having sex with a porn star.

More than any of the AlphaGo stuff, this is actually a way more convincing example that all the deep learning stuff really isn't just hype.

Well lets just wait for Nicholas Cage or Disney or whoever to react. I'd be surprised if Mr. Deepfake doesn't speed the rest of his life dealing with lawyers if this goes anywhere.

I have a hard time imagining how such a law could be enforced though.

I actually downloaded the code that was used for this off GitHub and tried it out. It is very simple, though I wish I could say I understood it better. I’d love to see a more robust implementation of it to be able to produce better looking results.

Just saw a DeepFake thread on 4chan and I thought this was some pseudonym of a fake-porn creator, but the quality was amazing. Im impressed to find such hightech in porn, lol.

porn has always led the way in media tech!

Okay, maybe I said this wrong.

I was impressed to find such tech in amateur fake porn lol.

Yea I was going to mention that as well. Wasn't porn the deciding factor in both 'format wars' (VHS vs. BetaMax as well as, years later, Blu-Ray vs. HDDVD)?

I'd suggest it's not clear cut what role porn played in the VHS vs. BetaMax format wars. People often bring up that BetaMax was the superior format, but overlook that it was only the superior format in one regard (picture quality). In other metrics, VHS was either the superior format (recording length) or roughly equal (audio quality).

I'd also suggest there was also a key factor accelerating the growth of VHS over Betamax, which was one of cost. VHS was supposedly cheaper than Betamax at the launch of VHS, and the price difference would only have increased as its market share grew and the effects of scaling up mass production were in place.

IIRC, VHS was cheaper for the rental market. Beta format tapes had higher licensing fees (or something like that), and brand new movies were extremely expensive. Sony essentially controlled it.

VHS - with it's longer length (meaning more films could be distributed as a single tape) and lower fees (the format was done by a consortium of manufacturers - IIRC, Panasonic and JVC were the main drivers?) meant that rental stores didn't have to pay so much for a film to rent out. At the time, VHS movies cost around $100.00 per tape (I remember this well, because as a kid parents made sure that they returned them properly and in good shape, because the cost to buy a replacement tape was insane).

lol, now everything makes sense.

I didn't really understand why renting films was a big deal back in the days,

Aw, dude! I'm assuming you're a little younger sorry if I'm off the mark, video stores had a culture all their own that is just gone now, never to return, and it's a shame. There was a certain magic about them that is just lost with time now. They were everywhere - franchise chain stores (Blockbuster, Family Video, Hollywood Video, etc.), as well as neighborhood mom & pop shops [these could be hit or miss, but when you found a good one you were virtually a lifetime customer]. Hell, you used to be able to rent tapes at the grocery store! Even more important than that, they were a cultural and societal staple. Everyone went to the video store; you met up with friends there (some even had arcades in them!), you ran into people you hadn't seen in a while there [this was before cell phones, so that mattered a lot], you looked forward to going there on friday/saturday afternoon to rent a tape to watch that night. It was a great way to discover new movies you hadn't heard of before or obscure titles that didn't have budgets for TV or cinema ads -- this is why box art was important and distributors fought over retail/rental shelf space. A lot of this stuff is all but irrelevant these days.

You have to keep in mind this was before everything went digital/streaming. 800x600 desktop resolution on your PC was considered higher end, so your typical video file was something like 480x320 or less and the quality was crap (think MPEG-1, old school QuickTime, and gasp RealVideo). It didn't matter much for movies anyway, there wasn't bandwidth or storage space like we have now. I still remember the first time I saw a movie on DVD it was an honest Holy Shit! moment. Sorta-high bitrate MPEG-2 with a good 5.1 surround sound audio track on disc in your home was nothing short of revolutionary.

Oh I'm not that young, haha.

I had these stores in my childhood, till I was 16 or something.

My mother even worked in one when I was smaller. They had billiard tables, snacks and stuff there.

I always rented games for PSX back then, because one would cost 30-40€ and I was a poor child, hehe.

Well, the stores were kinda like you said when I was in my teens, but it seemed to me that not so many people were renting anymore. And yes they had the expensive games, which was good for poor children, but the movies weren't 100€ a VHS for long time anymore, so most people probably simply bought them.

Same here, I was a NES then Sega Genesis (I think it was called the Master System in your neck of the woods) kid and rented games all the time because my parents didn't have money laying around to just buy every game I wanted -- in the US new games back then were still $60, which years ago was a lot of money, and still is (imho). Some were even more than that -- I distinctly remember saving up allowances and lawn-mowing money for months to buy the Star Wars NES game from Sears, which costed $80. And it ended up being terrible. You live & learn :)

My renting habits continued on through the Sega CD, PSX, and Sega Dreamcast (what a great system this was, mainly because CD burners were becoming cheap and you didn't need a hardware modification of your console to play burned games -- yes, I pirated the hell out of them [hello #kalisto and #echelon from EFnet] and this probably led to the console dying out long before it should have but I was a kid below the legal working age I couldn't buy them even though I wanted to.

which paper is behind deepfake?

The reddit user who wrote the script said it was at least loosely based on:


I was too distracted by how unusable Tumbler is, though.

I’m sure some idiot will come up with a plan to monetize this through an ICO. Taking bets on this starting now

Please don't post unsubstantive comments to HN, even when other people are idiots. Especially then.

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