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Show HN: Stylepill – Share your project's UI components with your coworkers (stylepills.co)
49 points by seruda on Jan 26, 2018 | hide | past | web | favorite | 17 comments

Tried to sign-up (aka register) but instead it wants to subscribe me to a Mailchimp mail list. Huh?

Looks like a fluffy marketing without a real product to me. I have some unsatisfactory experience with offers like this. Tried a lot of them back in the days, only to find out they were winding down and "thanks for incredible journey" after 6 or so months along the road.

Ideas are worth nothing unless properly executed. Though I might get a wrong impression, sorry if this is the case.

Hi @garganzol, yes, we have a small alpha version (it is sooo small version) but If you want to test it, you can enter here: https://alpha.stylepill.io

Thank you. I like it.

A small nugget of feedback. When I take a look at the source code of a component, I see the code like this:

   <span class="file-icon">
        <i class="fa fa-upload"></i>
I recognize some classes like 'fa' which stands for Font Awesome, but not so sure about the rest of them. It would be nice to have a hint like "This code depends on Font Awesome and Bootstrap v3".

Yes, the truth is: there are 2 libs hardcoded right now: bulma.io and Font Awesome. We're working on that right now, we wanted to test the inclusion of external libraries.

Thanks a lot for your comments.

Looks good. The height of many of these gets cut off on mobile

Yes dharma1, Stylepill is not optimized for mobile, we are focused on the main functionality right now (we are a team of 2 people). Thanks a lot for your comment


Open source (MIT license)

Yes yes it's similar. The big different on Stylepill is that we want to centralize every styleguide in one place. With Storybook you have to deploy in your own server (e.g. github page). But Storybook is a great option.

also Sketch offers own service free: https://sketch.cloud

I'm going to check it in details. Thanks for the comment.

Is it for FrontEnd Developer or Web Designers? It's not clear. So, I found another similar option to upload code blocks: https://bitsrc.io/

Yes, bitsrc is awesome. We want to point Stylepill more for Web Designers, html and css (maybe preprocessors) in order to share their UI components with their coworkers.

And Stylepill will help them like an interactive Portfolio

Your site is fairly broken on mobile for me. I'm on a Galaxy S6 running Chrome, and in landscape mode there are a lot of overlapping and partially hidden elements. The most obvious being the top text, "Stylepills is a social repository for front-end designers and developers," being cut off.

Also, in portrait mode there is an entire screen-height of blank space between every section.

Hi TipVFL, thanks for the comment. Stylepill is not optimized for mobile, we are focused on the main functionality right now (we are a team of 2 people). We don't want to optimize a product that nobody wants to use. Our main goal right now it's that the people love Stylepill.

Looks a little too much like Slack but otherwise awesome idea!

Thanks a lot. We have a small alpha version, if you want to test it you can enter here: https://alpha.stylepill.io/explore

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