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Show HN: Cobrowse.io – Add screen sharing to any iOS or Android mobile app (cobrowse.io)
94 points by headlessme 11 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 7 comments

Super easy to try it out right from your browser: https://cobrowse.io, Or to try on your iOS device download our sample app at https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/listr-create-your-wish-list/... and then open up https://cobrowse.io/trial.

We are two developers who are launching today on Hacker News. We’d love to hear what you guys think!

Our stack: We’re using AWS (ECS + Fargate) deployed with terraform, MongoDB, Redis, NodeJS, React (via create-react-app), Redux, and SocketIO.

How it works: Frames and agent annotations are streamed in real time between user devices and an agent web dashboard via geographically distributed socket servers.

Business model: Simple pricing per agent, month to month, no contracts. Also can do private and enterprise deployments through any cloud provider.

We’d love any feedback from this community, and we’ll be sure to reply to any comments.

Awesome, can I recommend integrations with ticketing systems like Zendesk & Freshdesk or even non-traditional systems like Frontapp.

That's a great idea, we'll definitely look into it!

Very cool, nice to be able to annotate at the same time. I'll be adding this in to our upcoming apps because mobile support is pretty hard

Very cool! Seems like the solution for so many app only services now.

can this capture the screen outside an app?

Need to do remote iphone tech support for my parents.

Check out something called TeamViewer for iOS. It's a separate app and requires "Screen Recording" to be enabled in system settings, etc. Give it a shot!

Cobrowse is meant to integrate screen sharing functionality directly into a specific app, and the experience is a lot smoother and more seamless for things like customer support.

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