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doesn't really look like Chronicle provides anything that is already covered by Elasticbeam (which compared to Chronicle has been on the market since 3+ years and works exceptionally well).

disclosure: I have no affiliation with either one but wonder why Google/Alphabet would be _that_ late to the party and offer nothing that isn't already out there. yawn

Does Elasticbeam only do API security? Because there's a lot more to security than API security.

If you're in a large enterprise you can easily be generating hundreds of thousands of events per second (both in terms of network actions and system events) and you need something to make that manageable and able to generate alerts so that your Incident Response team can respond to actual problems.

No idea really, since all the articles about Chronicle are really vague, but it reads more like a Threat Intelligence Platform + a Threat Analytics Platform.

It’s possible that they launched without doing any market research or competitive analysis but doesn’t it seem more likely that the minimal information available now isn’t the sum total of what they’re planning?

I hope so for them.

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