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> correlation it doesn't imply anything at all. is not causation, that's worth repeating 1000 times.

You might want to understand correlation, causation and dependence, and implication before repeating that 1000 times. I specifically used the term "statistically imply", which is correct, and means "has predictive power", which is true in this case of correlation whether or not causation is involved.

Correlation actually implies a lot of things. At the very least, it implies statistical dependence (to the confidence attainable with the data). The converse is NOT true -- lack of correlation does not imply independence. But as independence implies LACK of correlation, correlation necessarily implies dependence. This is very basic probability, and is relevant to estimation of which insurance is an application. Causation is a completely different subject.

> lol

Care to elaborate? What exactly do you disagree with? Is any of the listed things not a choice?

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