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Nice you got around this presentation, just a small note to say that pretty much everyone in the industry knows about it :)

I write shaders as a hobbyist game developer (I'm not in the gaming/graphics industry). I appreciated the submission. Shader code is often counterintuitive, I tend to think like a mathematician and not an optimizer when I read code examples, and I always wonder why the code is written in the way it is. This paper makes it clearer!

One question: On slide 13, the author outlines some of the limitations on the compiler. In the ~4 years since the paper was published, have compilers gotten better at solving some of these problems? or are these instead fundamental problems that will more or less always be present?

Don't count on it, write it out (unless it's much uglier - in which case, still write it out, but leave the original code in a comment.) New architectures, new platforms, a mess of shader languages, and the practice of customizing shaders for big titles leads to driver/compiler teams being chronically understaffed and overworked.

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