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I don't understand what you're arguing against, which part of my comment do you consider incorrect?

Going back to your original post:

> and this was scientifically proven

which renders moot any discussion as you simply did not use the same assumptions. The discussion was about specialist decision systems using correlation as a heuristic for causation. You cannot explore the merit (or shortfalls) of this common practice and its possible effect on policy-making when positing that causation has been proven. This is nonsense.

Have a good day.

I said that even if it was scientifically proven it still wouldn't be OK to discriminate. Reading comprehension.

And the discussion was NOT about systems using correlation as a heuristic for causation. If a company filters users based on something, only correlation matters for their purposes. Believing correlation is only useful as a heuristic for causation is ignorant. For some purposes, correlation matters. For some purposes, the root cause matters. Not everything is the same.

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