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You haven't said why it is ridiculous. You have merely just asserted it.

Why is it okay to ask for the car model? Yeah you can say that very old cars or specifically unsafe cars might have worse risk profiles but most modern cars (made in the last 10 years, for example) are more or less all road safe yet their risk buckets are different. That's not because of the car itself, it's because of the kinds of drivers who end up buying them. So we are back to the 'hotmail' argument.

It's ok for comprehensive cover because the cost to repair or replace different cars varies.

For third party actually I think you are right - it shouldn't depend on the specific model you drive, but it could depend on the power, e.g. you're more likely to crash in a fast car.

The point is insurance premiums shouldn't depend on things that you can't realistically change like your age, medical history, salary, marital status etc.

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