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Feminists have argued that differential treatment between the sexes has aggregated and self-amplified across generations, to the detriment of women.

Why wouldn't the same be true of differential treatment to the detriment of men?

>Feminists have argued

Do you? Because you're going to actually have to make this argument for me - I don't think I've ever seen feminists say that capital accumulation mechanics are the cause of misogyny.

Not capital accumulation, but social expectations. In this case, one obvious candidate would be that the stereotype that young men are more dangerous drivers creates a social pressure for young men to take more risks to prove their manhood.

In this case auto insurance rates are both a consequence of the stereotype and a mechanism that imposes it on new drivers.

>In this case auto insurance rates are ... a mechanism that imposes [the stereotype] on new drivers.

The argument for restricting discrimination on a gendered basis relies on the socially instructive nature of vehicular insurance to teenagers.

That feels exceptionally weak.

One of many factors. Movies and other fiction are no doubt the most powerful force communicating that expectation that young men should act like race car drivers.

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