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I received an email from Admiral yesterday, which seems related but not completely:


You may have seen a story in the news which claims we use customers' names to price our insurance based on race. This is 100% not the case and we do not, and have never, used this information to provide a price to our customers. I'm sorry if this story has caused you any concerns.

To offer our prices we use a complex rating structure and rate on many different variables and data sources. The journalists have misunderstood our pricing structure and the insurance quotes in the story are not like for like.

This email is to offer you an explanation of the press story and to offer my apologies for any concern caused. There is no need for you to take any action.


Not sure which story that's referring to; seems somewhat different to (and much worse than) this one.

On a slightly different note: that old "trick" of adding an experienced driver to one's insurance has always seemed a bit odd to me. And as a 36-year-old, I have to say I'd assumed I was already past the point of its applicability. But I had cause to add my mother to an Admiral policy this week, and was very surprised to discover that adding her would give me a refund.

There's loads of crazy stuff like that.

The quote system asks if your car has anything added to it, like roof racks, spoilers, tow bar, body kit. You go "Oh yeah, a tow bar" thinking crap this will cost extra and their backend correlation engine figures "tow bar, probably caravan trailer, old boring safe driver, low risk" and you get a discount.

The UK government gave insurers direct electronic access to driving license records. If you tell them your details they can instantly check if you've got points, or have been disqualified from driving. Insurers ask for your license details. To use the government database right? Nope, that's a bunch of expensive R&D, if you make it optional, people with bad records just say they don't know their license number, charge them more. Simple, no extra R&D needed.

There was a story going around where apparently the premium was significantly higher if you put your name as "Mohammed", rather than "John".

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