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And this observation is downvoted because? It's just stating obviously true facts as far as I can tell.

edit And then I get downvoted for sticking my neck out. Let me break the parent post down.

It asserts that charging genders equally will shift more burden to women. This is clearly true because premiums are higher for men because we have more accidents (so much for all the female driver jokes).

It also asserts women were a previously disadvantaged class. Also clearly true.

So to the downvoters out there, you might have found something disagreeable about the parent post, but you're wrong and he's right.

I see two things wrong in the post:

> fair share

Male drivers and female drivers don't have a "fair share" of insurance costs. No one should be obligated to pay for the actions of others simply because they're the same sex.

Driving risk should be evaluated on an individual basis based on those individuals' behavior.

> putting them at even more of a disadvantage

Young women are no longer at a disadvantage. Young women graduate college more often and earn more than young men.

I focus on young women and young men in this case because those are the people most affected by gender discrimination in auto insurance pricing, because they lack individual driving records on which to base insurance rates.

I've heard there's an app for that in the US, you drive with it for a week or two and then they adjust your premiums according to how you drive. That would be a more fair system. We're not discussing that though, we're discussing the current system vs one where insurance companies can't discriminate on the basis of gender - clearly that advantages men unfairly and disadvantages women unfairly. Yeah the system is still unfair the way it is, but this change would make it more so.

Women graduate from college more often, but college is not what it once was - I'm a college dropout and I'm sure I earn more than most graduates (plus I don't have the debt.) Women still earn less than men. Your claim that they earn more is just false.

That's interesting, although as those sources indicate, the pay gap increases with age so that by the time women hit their mid thirties they're substantially behind men in compensation (for the same work.) It's an improvement to be sure, but I wouldn't go so far as to call the problem solved and say that women aren't still a disadvantaged class, when it comes to compensation.

Look at my other reply to the parent post for my explanation as to why I disagree.

I suspect few HN users could provide sound logic to support their anonymous downvotes. Downvotes are good — at least it means there’s a chance someone eventually modulates their current viewpoint.

Don’t worry about downvotes; oppression by the status quo for random and varying reasons is a discriminatory mechanism to make our words invisible. Keep commenting!

This is a common mistake. Reducing inequality is not morally equivalent to penalizing the person who was previously in a superior position.

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