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You should watch Gattaca.

And then consider the alternate ending: his heart condition lead him to die halfway through the mission, and without a pilot everyone else onboard died.

I came away from the film with the impression that he didn't have and never had any heart condition. He was assumed to be super unhealthy because he was a natural birth (a kind of superstition, if you will), but that makes him like us. Do we all have heart conditions?

IIRC heart disease is the second most common cause of death, something in the region of 20%. So not all, but a substantial fraction of us have heart conditions.

Which might be why they thought that he had it. They seemed to be incorrect about something or he wouldn't routinely outperform his brother in physical sports.

Many athletes die young from heart conditions - a heart that's overperforming is one that's wearing itself out faster.

He had to fake the heart-monitoring test when he was running on a treadmill.

Did he have to or did he assume he had to?

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